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Legends, Book 2: A Ghost of a Chance

A wonderfully imaginative story continues... The pace is fast, the sex is hot and the characters are well developed and a joy to know. ~ Susan Mobley, RT Booklovers (4.5 stars)


The second book in the Legends series was certainly another fascinating story packed with intriguing paranormal aspects and plenty of appealing characters. Ms. Ivey definitely knows how to create thrilling stories where emotion and wonder combine to make a very compelling book. ~ Amelia Richard, ecataromance.com (4.5 stars)


Well written and always gripping, this one had me turning the pages eagerly just to see where Ms. Ivey will take me next. ~ Mrs. Giggles, 84


Legends, Book 1: Beaudry's Ghost

Ms. Ivey has extensive knowledge of the Civil War and her ability to present the historical details in a way that doesn't slow the plot was quite impressive. I like the way the romance between Jared and Taylor develops and found the paranormal aspect done extremely well. The author has a talent for putting the reader right there in the thick of things, as the plot races along. The secondary characters were interesting and believable. I do think the ending cries out for a sequel and hope Ms. Ivey has one planned for the near future. ~ Elizabeth Melton Parsons, gottawritenetwork.com (4 stars out of 5)


"A highly original and compelling tale..." ~Jill Smith, RT Magazine (4 stars)


"...a thrilling story that doesn't even let me pause to catch my breath." ~Mrs. Giggles (87)


"The clever interweaving of historical facts and settings with an emotionally touching romance keeps BEAUDRY’S GHOST captivating in every spellbinding scene." ~ Amelia Richard, ecataromance.com (5 stars)


In The Gloaming

"A wonderful collection of futuristic and fantasy novellas. Highly recommended!" ~ Leslie Tramposch, PNR Reviews


Abhainn's Kiss

"Carolan Ivey’s tales do not fail to delight, particularly if you’re into Celtic and Otherworldly legends. Abhainn’s Kiss falls nicely into that category. Combine that with the lovely and tasteful artwork by Anne Cain and you have a match made in Avalon. Ms. Ivey’s portrayal of an ex-soldier (and how refreshing that he’s not a Special Forces, ex-CIA, ex-FBI, Green Beret, or commando dude) coming to terms with a magical world is especially amusing.  Abhainn’s playfulness and childlike innocence adds levity to a world painted as poisoned by man. Abhainn’s Kiss is definitely slated for my virtual keeper shelf. Well done again, Ms. Ivey." ~ Chris, Joyfully Reviewed

"Those who like a good fantasy story that simmers and builds will appreciate this fantastic book." ~ Tj, The Romance Studio (4 hearts)


"Ms. Ivey is a master at world building and had me completely enchanted with Abhainn’s Kiss." ~ Two Lips Reviews Recommended Read and Book of the Month for May 2007!


"It was like falling into a Brian Froud painting that I never wanted to leave. This is definitely a keeper shelf book, one I'm sure I'll return to again and again." ~ Bronwyn Green


"An entertaining fantasy with a heavy emphasis on the romance, ABHAINN'S KISS is a welcome addition to the reading pile." ~ Kathy Samuels, Romance Reviews Today


"This fantasy was well worth losing sleep over." ~ Leslie Tramposch, PNR Reviews


"[Ms. Ivey's] writing eloquently captures the fun and innocence of the fairies and contrasts it nicely against a darker humanity..."
~ Amanda S., Fallen Angel Reviews (4 Angel rating)


Love & Lore
“From selkies to gods… Love & Lore is a spellbinding, sensual delight.” Mandy M. Roth


Wildish Things

"Perfect for the romance and fantasy lover. Don't pass it up!" – Joyfully Reviewed


"Her writing is smooth, flawless, like a sparkling stream, carrying a bit of your imagination along with it." – Ciar Cullen


"Carolan Ivey’s fluid writing and beautiful description in Wildish Things makes me long to capture the notice of a certain meddling Hag." – Michelle M. Pillow


"Inventive and entertaining!" – Romantic Times Magazine


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